"Sharing the Real Presence of Jesus through Word and Sacrament, creed and deed, with all of God's Children."

Welcome to Grace Incarnate Ministries! Are you interested in Christian preaching and teaching from a theologically sound, biblically informed, historically grounded perspective? If so, you've come to the right place!
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Grace Incarnate Ministries is dedicated to serving the audio and video sermons, Bible studies, theological writings, and sacramental practice of the Reverend Dr. Gregory S. Neal, United Methodist Pastor and Theologian. Dr. Neal's ministry focuses upon proclaiming and invoking the incarnate grace of God in Jesus Christ our Lord through preaching, teaching, the sacraments, and all the other means of grace. The importance of disciplined, well-rounded Christian education as long been a primary focus within Dr. Neal's ministry, and this emphasis is reflected here.

All are welcome here. One doesn't have to be a Christian, or to agree with Dr. Neal in order to find the resources on this website helpful. Constructive feedback and questions are always appreciated.