Academic Papers on Biblical and Textual Criticism
The Authority of The Holy Scriptures
The Anatomy of a Biblical Prophecy: The Destruction of Tyre in Ezekiel 26
Latin Manuscript Evidence Concerning 1 John 5:7-8
A Letter to a King James-Only Advocate

Academic Papers on Historical Theology
Augustine's Concept of Freedom: The Dynamic of Sin and Grace
Calvin and Predestination
Divine Love and Semi-Gnosticism: Heretical Tendencies in the Thought of Julian of Norwich
Harnack On The Essence of Christianity
Imperial British-Israelism: Justification for an Empire
Luther on Good Works

Academic Papers on Systematic Theology and Ethics
Creation, Being, and Equality: An Ethical Excursion into Philosophical Theology
God - Triune Being "Letting Be"
The Nature of Evil
O'Donovan Against Historicism
On Prevenient Grace
Person of the Holy Spirit: Dynamic Interrelationship of Unitive Being
Person of Jesus Christ: Problems with Philosophical Christology
Russian Orthodox Spirituality: Ministry in a United Methodist's Mind

Academic Papers on Sacramental Theology
Sacramental Theology (Chapter 3 from Grace Upon Grace)
A Letter on Baptism
Holy Communion As A Means of Grace (Chapter 5 from Grace Upon Grace)

Academic Papers on Methodism
The Methodist Episcopacy
Methodist/Anglican Thoughts on Apostolic Succession
Elder's Orders: Answers to the Theological Questions

Academic Papers on History
Imperial British-Israelism: Justification for an Empire
The Nature of the Anabaptist Church
Reform of the Church: Spener and The Renewal of Lutheran ....

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