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Reverend Neal's visit to the 2001 MacWorld Expo

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Dr. Gene Scott's Remarks on Dr. Neal

In 2000 Rev. Neal Published a book which, in most respects, embodies his personal systematic theology. Grace Upon Grace has, subsequently, found its way onto the Internet and into some bookstores around the country, and is starting to make an impact. It has also gained the attention of several major theologians in academia, as well as of quite a few pastors and teachers.

One of those theologians and teaching pastors is Dr. Gene Scott, who is the pastor of the University Cathedral in Los Angeles California. In response to a letter that Rev. Neal wrote to Dr. Scott, Greg was invited to visit the Cathedral during his January trip to California. During this visit Dr. Scott and his staff gave Dr. Neal the red carpet treatment at both the morning service and the evening Communion service. Additionally, Dr. Scott had a number of very positive things to say about Dr. Neal and his book and, much to his surprise, invited Dr. Neal to address the Cathedral congregation

Dr. Scott's remarks, and Rev. Neal's response and address to the Cathedral Congregation, can be listened to by clicking the link below or by visiting Dr. Scott's web site.

Dr. Scott's remarks about Dr. Neal and his book
and Dr. Neal's response

VF-1243 -- 01/07/2001
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