Personal Photographs

Rev. Neal's Assorted Family Photos
During Childhood, Graduation from High School and Univeristy and Graduate School
Ordinations as Deacon and Elder
Rev. Neal's Parents
Greg's parents as children and teenagers, and during their years as a young couple
Rev. Neal's Parents Get Married
At Oak Lawn Methodist Church of Dallas, Texas
August 4, 1956

Rev. Neal's Parents Celebrate their 50th Anniversary
At First United Methodist Church of Seagoville, Texas,
August 6, 2006

Church and Ministry Photographs

Rev. Neal's Professional Photographs
Head shots and other similar photos
2006 Pilgrimage To The Holy Land
(November-December 2006)
2010 Israel Pilgrimage
(November-December 2010)

MacWorld Expo Photographs

Cruise Photographs
Listed cruises not hyper-linked are still being processed
Western Caribbean Cruise: Maasdam
(October 31 - November 6 2000)
Circle Hawaii Cruise: Statendam
(November 25 -December 10, 2002)
Panama Canal Cruise: Zaandam
(September 25 -October 16, 2004)
2005 Eastern and Western Caribbean Cruise:

(November 6-20, 2005)
To be restored

2006 Mexican Riviera Cruise: Oosterdam
(January 7-14 , 2006)
To be restored

The Voyage of the Spammed: Zaandam
Cruise Critics Group Cruise to Hawaii
(October 7-22, 2006)
To be restored

2007 Southern Caribbean: Noordam
Cruise Critics Group Reunion Cruise
(January 6-17, 2007)
To be restored

2007 Mexican Riviera: Ryndam
RevNeal's Birthday Cruise
(March 15-23, 2007)
To be restored
2007 Panama Canal: Volendam
Half Moon Cay, Aruba, Curacao, Panama, Costa Rica
(November 3-13, 2007)
Formal Review of the Cruise
To be restored
2008 South America / Antarctica: Rotterdam
(January 27 -- February 16, 2008)
To be restored

2008 Eurodam Inaugural Cruises
(July 1-26, 2008)
To be restored

2009 Southern Caribbean: Noordam
(January 23-February 2, 2009)
To be restored

2009 Transatlantic: Rotterdam
(October 31-November 17, 2009)
2010 Hawaii: Zaandam
(January 21-February 5, 2010)
2010 Top Of The World: Prinsendam
(July 22 - August 14, 2010)
To be restored
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Other Travel Photographs
Colorado Springs
(Garden of the Gods, Royal Gorge, and Pikes Peak -- August 1999)

Tour of the Queen Mary I
(November 2002)

2006 Pilgrimage To The Holy Land
(November-December 2006)
2010 Israel Pilgrimage
(November-December 2010)

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All Rights Reserved