Communion Theology Resources

Articles and Papers On Eucharistic Theology
Charts Illustrating: Memorial Representation & Real Presence
Come Sinners to the Gospel Feast
Confession and Communion
Fuel For Christian Living
Holy Communion As A Means of Grace (Chapter 5 from Grace Upon Grace)
Incarnational Theology
Online Holy Communion: Theological Reflections Regarding The Internet and The Means of Grace
Questions Regarding The Reserved Sacrament And the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church
Real Presence in Holy Communion, The
Spiritual Drinking Problem
Typology and the Real Presence of Jesus in Holy Communion
Worthiness to Receive, Frequency of Communion

Written Sermons on Eucharistic Theology
"A Focus of Faith" -- John 6:41-51
Is Your Heart Burning?? -- Luke 24:13-35

Audio Sermons on Eucharistic Theology
“Abiding Presence of God, The” Streaming | Download | Podcast
“A Spiritual Drinking Problem” Streaming | Download | Podcast
"Bread of Presence, The" Streaming | Download
“Eat Me!” Streaming | Download | Podcast | Photos | Video Clip of "The Twirl"
“Gospel Feast, The” Streaming | Download | Podcast
“Grace In The Middle” Streaming | Download | Podcast
“Great Thanksgiving, The” Streaming | Download | Podcast
“I Am The Bread of Life” Streaming | Download | Podcast | Photos
“Immediate Real Presence, The” Streaming | Download | Podcast
"Isaiah 53 and the Eucharist" Streaming | Download
“Meaning Of The Table, The” Streaming | Download | Podcast
"Melchizedek" Streaming | Download
"Nature of Holy Communion, The" Streaming | Download
“Opened Eyes” Streaming | Download | Podcast
"Real Presence of Jesus in Communion, The" Streaming | Download
“Table of the Lord or the Table of Demons, The” Streaming | Download | Podcast
“Their Eyes Were Opened” Streaming | Download
"Thirsty For Jesus?" Streaming | Download
"Two Views of Holy Communion, The" Real Presence vs. Memorial Representation Stream | Download | Podcast
"Wonder Bread" Streaming | Download

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