Dr. Neal's Audio Bible Study On:

The Gospel of John (Verse-by-Verse)
Chapter 1:1-18
Textual Remarks, Introduction, The Logos
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Chapter 1:19-49
John the Baptist; Differences between synoptics and John; John is a Theological/Thematic Approach, not Chronological.

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Chapter 1:49--2:23
The Front-loading of Affirmations about Jesus
The Wedding at Cana of Galilee
Jesus Cleanses the Temple of the Money Changers

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Chapter 2:23--3:16
The Front-loading of Affirmations, Part 2
Jesus' Discourse with Nicodemus

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Chapter 3:17--4:42
Light vs. Dark ... Truth vs. Evil
John the Baptist, Again
The Samaritan Woman as the Well

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Chapter 4:31--5:18
The Fields are ripe for harvesting
The Healing at the Pool of Bethesda

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Chapter 5:19-47
Jesus' Testimony to Himself

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Chapter 6:1-34
The Feeding of the 5000
Comparisons with Synoptics:
(Mark 6:32-44; Matthew 14:13-21; Luke 9:10-17)
Jesus walking on the water

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Chapter 6:32-59
"I am the Bread of Heaven"
Questions on Holy Communion

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Chapter 6:47-71
Eat Me
Review on "I am the Bread of Heaven"
"The only way to understand the Eucharist is to partake of it."

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Chapter 7:1--8:11
The Feast of Tabernacles - Jesus teaching incognito in Jerusalem
The Woman Caught in Adultery - Textual Issues, Interpretation

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Chapter 8:12-25
"I Am The Light of the World."
Knowing the truth
The Devil, the Father of Lies.

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Chapter 9
Review of John 7 & 8
Jesus heals a man born blind.

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Chapter 10
The Gate, the Shepherd and the Sheep

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Chapter 11
The Raising of Lazarus

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Chapter 12
Mary Anoints Jesus
Comparisons with:
Mark 14:3-9; Matthew 26:6-13; Luke 7:36-50

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Chapter 13:1--14:7
The Last Supper -- Footwashing
The New Commandment
I am the Way, the Truth, and hte Life

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Chapter 14
The Web of Love; Faith in Jesus

The Commandments of Christ
The Trinity's Presence

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Chapter 15
Chain of Love;
Comparing John 6 ("I am the bread of life") with
John 15 ("I am the true vine.")
John and the Synoptics on Jesus' Eschatological Teachings

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Chapter 16
The Advocate Comes
Nicene Creed: The Procession of the Holy Spirit
The nature of sin

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Chapter 17
Jesus' High Priesty Prayer;

Eternal Life and now; Philippians 2's Christ Hymn
Questions of High Christology and the Trinity

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Chapter 18
The Arrest of Jesus
Trials of Jesus before Jewish Authorities and Pilate, Part 1

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Chapter 19:1-25
The Trials of Jesus before Jewish Authoriies and Pilate, Part 2
with Synoptic Parallels
The Flogging of Jesus, Part 2,
with Synoptic Parallels
The Crucifixion of Jesus, Part 1,
with Synoptic Parallels

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Chapter 19:16-42
The Crucifixion of Jesus, Part 2,
with Synoptic Parallels
The Death and Burial of Jesus, Part 1
with Synoptic Parallels

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Chapter 19:31--20:23
The Death and Burial of Jesus, Part 2
The Resurrection of Jesus, with Synoptic Parallels
The Empty Tomb Stories, with Synoptic Paralells
The Post Resurrection Appearances, with Synoptic Parallels

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Chapter 20:19--21:11
Forgiveness as a Means of Grace
The Post Resurrection Appearance to Thomas
The end of the Gospel and an additional Chapter
A lakeside breakfast
Teaster on the 153 fish

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Chapter 21:4--The End
The mystery of the 153 fish
Numerology in Heberw Theology
"Do you love me? Feed my sheep."
Agape and phileo

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The Gospel of John (Sampled)
Chapter 1:
Textual Remarks, Introduction, The Logos
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Chapter 2:1-22
Wedding Feast in Cana of Galilee
The Cleansing of the Temple
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Chapter 4:1-42
Jesus and the Samaritan Woman
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Chapter 6
Feeding the 5000 &
Jesus is our True Bread
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Chapter 7:53--8:11
The Woman Caught in Adultery

Chapter 21:15-25
"Do you love me?"
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