Bible and its Inspiration, The: A United Methodist Perspective
Bible Versions- The KJV
Bible Versions- Worshiping The KJV
Bible Versions- Additions and Subtractions
Bible Versions- Choosing A Translation
Building the Canon
Corinthian Church, The
Do The Meek Inherit the Earth?
End Again, The
Giving as a Means of Grace
God's Purpose (Romans 8:28-30)
Gospel of Judas: The Manuscript and its Gnostic Heresies
Idioms in the Bible 1
Idioms in the Bible 2
Inerrancy and Other Gods
Inspiration 1
Inspiration 2
Jonah The Wimp
Lying to God
Nehushtan: Despising the Grace of God
Pastor's Bible Study, The
Rape of Tamar, The
Second Tithe, The
Steadfast Love of Lord
The Gospel of Judas: The Manuscript and its Gnostic Heresies
Tithe Within Christian Giving, The
Typological Interpretation
United Methodist Church's Doctrinal Position On The Holy Bible, The
Welcoming All God's Children
What's An Ebenezer?
When Was Jesus Born?
You Know That I Love You

General Theology
Capital Punishment
Celebrating the First 50 Years (St. Stephen UMC"s 50th Year Pastor's Report)
Christology 1
Christology 2
Confession and Forgiveness
Confessional, The
Elder's Orders: Answers to Theological Questions
Footwashing As A Means of Grace
Good Works
Gospel of Judas: The Manuscript and its Gnostic Heresies
Incarnational Theology
Omnipotence 1
Omnipotence 2
On The Creeds
One In Christ
Paralysis of Sin, The
Resurrection, The
Sanctification and Healing
Sanctification by Faith
Theological Terms
To Measure A Pastorate?
Virgin Birth, The
Weeping Outside the Tomb
Wellness as a Means of Grace
Why A Virgin Birth?
Why Go To Church?

Sacramental Theology
Baptism and Remembrance of Baptism in the UMC
Come, Be Transfigured
Come Sinners to the Gospel Feast
Confession and Communion
Fuel For Christian Living
Incarnational Theology
Online Holy Communion: Theological Reflections Regarding The Internet and The Means of Grace
Questions Regarding The Reserved Sacrament And the Judicial Council of the United Methodist Church
Real Presence in Holy Communion, The
Spiritual Drinking Problem
Typology and the Real Presence of Jesus in Holy Communion
Why Was Jesus Baptized?
Worthiness to Receive, Frequency of Communion

Wesleyan Theology
Confirmation as a Means of Grace
Fellowship and Worship as a Means of Grace
Healing as a Means of Grace
Marriage and Ordination as Means of Grace
Prayer as a Means of Grace
Sacraments as Means of Grace, The
Sanctification and Healing
Sanctification by Faith
Scripture as a Means of Grace
Wellness as a Means of Grace

Catholic Stuff
Colors and Seasons
Dogs, Little Boys, and Grownups
Five Mile
Fr. Paul Wessinger
Holy Presence
Holy Space
How I Prepare To Preach
If God Promises to Heal Me, Why Am I Not Healed?
Let Our Prayers Rise: The Use of Incense in the Church
Liturgy for the Consecration of a Home
Look of Peace, The
Mountain Climbing
Nightmares and Sabbath-Keeping
On Prayer
Prepared and Cross-Checked
Relativity of Time, The
Sanctification and Healing
SSJE and Fr. Eldridge Pendleton
Skipping Stones
Spiritual Drinking Problem
Teach Us To Pray - The Lord's Prayer
These Articles and Prayer
Tiggert's Paws
Traveling With Tiggert
Weary in Well Doing
Where Pets Come From
Why Go To Church?
Why Vestments?

Advent Confessions
Emmanuel: God with us
The Meaning of Advent
When Was Jesus Born?
Why Was Jesus Born?

Lint or Lent
True Contrition
Why We Prepare In Lent

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