Rev Neal Reports from South America and Antarctica
Aboard the ms Rotterdam
January 24 -- February 18, 2008
Dr. Gregory S. Neal

A Day Touring Montevideo, Uruguay:

On Friday, February 1, after a leisurely evening cruise from BA, we docked at the industrial port terminal of the smallest and least populated countries of South America: Montevideo Uruguay. This overwhelmingly European city is truly a marked contrast from BA. While Buenos Aires is a huge, bustling, traffic-conjested city of major proportions, Montevideo strikes one as being a laid back, patient, quiet place to live. The city is 1.3 million strong, with another half million living outside the metropolitan center, but even still the city didn't strike one was a particularly crowded one. Here, I took one of the ship-arranged tours of the city, enjoying several stops which provided me with a tiny sampling of a country I wouldn't mind visiting again.

Our first stop on our tour was at the Plaza Independencia, where we viewed the monument to the founding father of Uruguay.

A view gazing up Sarandi avenue toward the Capital building at the far end of the city.

And, a view from the capital building looking back down the avenue toward Independence Square.

The Uruguaian Legislative building is very much a European edifice, designed to house both chambers of their government. The inside (which I will display with photos at a later date) is lovely, and one can tell that the Uruguayans are justifiably proud of their independence.

Here's a view of the city as seen from a distant look-out spot. The city is large, but it doesn't have many true sky scrapers (unlike BA). It tends to spread out more than it does up.

This is what the locals call the Uruguayan version of "Copacabana" ! It does remind one of that lovely beach in Rio ... though on a much smaller scale.

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