Rev Neal Reports from South America and Antarctica
Aboard the ms Rotterdam
January 24 -- February 18, 2008
Dr. Gregory S. Neal

Days at Sea:

There are few things more glorious than a beautiful, sunny day at sea!

A Day Touring Buenos Aires:

The Rotterdam arrived in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on Thursday January 31. Ruth, Adele, Mary Ellen, Karl, and myself booked an independent local operator who provided 8 excellent hours of touring the city. Here are some sample photos from that day.

Our first stop on our tour was the Metropolitan Cathedral in middle of downtown BA, just up the Plaza de Mayo from the Casa Rosada, otherwise known as the "Pink House" -- the Argentine President's offices. This is a lovely cathedral church, with much glorious marble and stone.

Following our visit to the downtown BA area we traveled north to the Delta region and took a canal boat ride to see the many upper-middle-class residences and vacation homes that can be found in this wealthy region of the city. It was a pleasant day, the ride was a lot of fun, and we got to see a broad cross section of Argentinian middle and upper class society.

After our trip to the north, we drove back down into the center of BA and up the wide Avda 9 de Julio, past the Plaza de Republica and the famous Obelisco which stands in the very center of the city, commemorating the 400th Anniversary of the founding of BA.

Our journey back through town brought us to the arts district where we would have lunch (fantastic Argentine steak with all the trimmings) and enjoy a fantastic Tango show.

No ... Adele (left) and Ruth (right) were not our Tango dancers. That honor goes to these two lovely young people, who danced for us while we enjoyed our lunch on a side walk cafe.

Following our lunch, we proceeded to the Cementerio Del Norte, otherwise known as the Recoleta Cemetery. More than just your average "cemetery," this is more like a city of the dead, with massive above ground family mausoleums lining the "streets" that crisscross this huge complex.

Our principle stop, here, was to visit the opulent mausoleum of Evita Peron. Cats were evident throughout the city during our visit, and sure enough here was one right at Evita's tomb, receiving the homage due any feline!!!! Dogs may have owners, but cats have staff.

It was an excellent day in BA. That night we set sail for Uruguay and its capital city, Montevideo.

Montevideo, Uruguay

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