About Rev. Neal's Bookshelf

The Books listed in these pages are of varying degrees of value. Some are of extreme importance, and I highly encourage you to purchase and read them. Others are interesting, and helpful, and may be worth either purchase or borrowing from the local Library. In some cases, I list books that have been important to me in my own education and theological formation; in other cases, I list books with which I have wrestled and with which I still seriously disagree.

You will note that these books are linked to Amazon.com. I love Amazon.com ... it's a wonderful resource for purchasing books over the internet, and I encourage you to purchase books through the links on this website.

If you have a book which you think I should read, please feel free to send me some bibliographic information on it and a synopsis of what it's about. If you would like more information on any of the books I list in these pages, please feel free to email me at Greg@RevNeal.org.

What is Dr. Neal Currently Reading?
March 30, 2014